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Volunteer FAQs

What is a Volunteer?

A Volunteer is an individual who contributes his/her time to work at the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic to support the event and local community. A Volunteer performs various functions to assure the successful operation of the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic. Some Volunteers are golfers who participate because they love golf and want to be involved in this historic golf tournament, while other Volunteers are new to golf and get involved because they want to support the community and learn more about the sport.

Why does an LPGA Tour event need Volunteers?

All LPGA Tour events are operated with the help of many individuals who donate their time to the tournament. Due to the nature of golf and the complex setup of a major golf tournament, hundreds of people are required to help with the operations from crowd control to scoring to helping the professional golfers in various ways. Relying on Volunteers to perform these functions allows for successful LPGA Tour events and money to be donated to local charity organizations. 

Where do the Volunteers come from?

Many Volunteers become involved as individuals simply because they love golf or they want to support a major event in their community. But many others are involved as part of their company, club, or charity organization, which have formed partnerships with the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic. Also, several local schools and universities participate by encouraging their students to earn community service hours by working as a Volunteer.

Many Volunteers live right here Nassau but also include coming from neighboring islands.  Vacationers from the United States and Europe have also volunteered in the event.